Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Newfie Aisle

Potted Meat, Marinated Muscles, Chicken Haddie, & Mustard Pickles
You know how there's an 'Asian section' at most grocery stores? Well here in the Fort we also have a 'Newfie section'.
Here you will find such tasty treats as Potted Meat, Corn on the cob in a can, Gravy & Meatballs in a can, Chicken Haddie (which is actually canned cod) and Mustard Mixed Pickles (pickles in a jar of mustard). It seems Newfoundlanders also have a thing for Pineapple Crush pop and any sort of marshmellow-coconut buscuit.
And of course, the seafood section is always well stocked too :) Cod cheeks anyone?

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  1. will someone please tell me where I can find chicken haddie ? surely if they can get it in Ft. Mc. then you should be abl to get it almost any where ??